We were made for an abundant life...

… but so often we feel disconnected from God. Do you ever feel spiritually dry? Like you don’t know what God really wants from you?

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed doing all the “right things,” but we feel stuck, unsatisfied, and like our life is anything but abundant.

Don’t worry, friend. You’re not alone.

A few years ago I was working part-time in a corporate job. I’d been married for about 10 years, and had two toddlers running around. We were active in our church – REALLY active. We had a nice house in the suburbs of Charlotte, complete with a picket fence and two dogs.

By all accounts, I should have been happy. But I wasn’t.

I remember I would get my girls off to preschool, sit down at my desk, and just stare out the window, wondering if this is all life had to offer. Add to that the guilt for even thinking that way! I “should” be happy. I had what the world – and even the church – told me I needed to be happy. The American Dream was my daily reality. So was the dream of the American church. Sunday school teacher? Me. At church three times a week? Me. Singing in the choir? Also me. But I was so spiritually dry. So depressed. So stuck in the same old sinful patterns, wanting to do what God wanted but feeling like I’d clearly missed the boat.

In no time, I found myself trying to fill a void only Jesus could fill through an emotional affair. I was seeking my personal happiness over Him. I wondered where I had gone wrong, but it was right in front of my face.

My sin was uncovered, and through the grace of Jesus I repented and did the hard work of saving my marriage. More than that, I threw myself at Jesus, needing Him to fix my desperate heart.

And there, in that mess, is where God met me.

Sure, I was already a Christian, but I hadn’t learned what it looked like to have an abiding relationship with Christ. I didn’t know the abundant life was even really available, let alone what it was actually like. I began a journey, desperately seeking Jesus for the answers.

I sought the answers, but He Himself was the answer.

These days, not much has changed about my external life. My husband and I have been married 21 years. My toddlers have turned into teenagers, and we adopted our son 5 years ago. I’ve gone full-time with that same job. We live in the same house and have the same cars.

My life doesn’t look much different, and yet, everything has changed.

My life is now what Psalm 1 describes. I feel like that tree, planted besides streams of water, fruitful and prosperous. See, I’ve found a secret. The secret is Him.

I was studying John 15 last year and as I heard Jesus’ words about abiding, I realized that everything God taught me over the last 10 years are hidden there in His words. When lived out, they were the secret to my abundant life. And I want to share them with you.

Join me on the journey through John 15 as we go through RICH: Discovering God’s Abundance In and Through Your Life.

RICH is a multi-faceted 7-week video based Bible Study on John 15. Each week, videos range from 9-22 minutes, so they aren’t hard to fit in your already busy schedule. Watch them once a week or all at once!

RICH also includes a companion devotional. When you live an abundant life, you naturally yield fruit. Five days a week you will dig into the fruits of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5. Optional packages also include bonus videos, tutorials, and interviews.

7 Week Video Course Teaching through John 15

7 Week Companion Devotional on the Fruits of the Spirit 

Bonus audio and video teaching.

Here's what's inside:

7 Video Bible Studies about understanding what it means to abide in Jesus
Week 1 - Chosen and Appointed

Duration: 22m

We dive into the historical context for Jesus’ claim that he is the True Vine. In this proclamation, we find our purpose as followers of Christ.

Week 2 - Abiding

Duration: 13m

We understand the roles of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit in our abiding relationship, and begin to understand what abiding really means.

Week 3 - Reading

Duration: 10m

We take a look at the concept of sowing and reaping. We begin to understand Jesus’ statement for His words to remain in us and how that is the beginning of bearing fruit.

Week 4 - Praying

Duration: 9m

We look at Jesus’ command to pray in response to His word and His promise that we will receive anything we ask for.

Week 5 - Obeying

Duration: 9m

We dive into Jesus’ statement that we remain in His love by obeying His commands.

Week 6 - Pruning

Duration: 13m

We take a look at Jesus warning that as fruitful branches, we should expect to be pruned.

Week 7 - Security

Duration: 19m

We take a deep dive into Jesus’ warning that unfruitful branches will be taken away. We understand the security we have as born again believers and understand who the warning was meant for.

7 Week Companion Devotional that will will help you understand the fruit of the Spirit

The Rich devotional ignites a daily habit of spending time in God's word.​ The Rich companion is a beautifully designed, 85-page physical devotional that includes a key verse and devotion 5 days a week for the 7 weeks of the study. Each week highlights 1 or 2 fruits of the spirit and allows you to respond by journaling the word in writing or art, praying the word, and reflecting on how you might obey the word.

Included in Bonus Packages

Bonus Videos

You'll have access to 3 bonus videos. One supplementary teaching to week 7, a tutorial on a tool to study the Bible, and a teaching on 5 qualities of a woman living an abundant life.

Daily Emails to Guide You Through the Bible Study

You get a fully guided email tour through the Bible Study. You'll get one email at the beginning of each week to point you to the teaching video and then a snippet from the devotional each day to help you stay on course.

SmartPhone Lock Screen

A lock screen reminder to do the study as you go through and a continual reminder to abide in Christ.

About the Teacher

Amy J. Bennett has been leading small groups for 20 years. From kids, to youth, to adult men and women and the elderly, she has walked many people through studying God’s word. Since 2002, she has been blogging, sharing her journey of faith with her readers. Amy is also the host of Feathers: Faith in Flight, a podcast airing since 2014 that ministers to women of every age, encouraging them to walk in faith.

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“I loved the devos and the short words of encouragement every day along with the many ways to relate to the material, which made it great for visual, audible & active/creative learning types. Also, I gained a lot of insight and was able to go much deeper than I have ever gone before with John 15.”

Jenna, RICH Pilot Group Participant
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Loved EVERYTHING about it! The videos and the devotionals had quality content and were just the right length! Enjoyed writing out the scriptures and listening to the worship songs in the devos!"

Audrey, RICH Pilot Group Participant
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“My favorite part was the fact that it was multi-faceted yet simple to complete. Reading, writing/creative, praying and obeying and adding the music/video was brilliant."

Sarah, RICH Pilot Group Participant
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“My relationship with God deepened and became more personal/intimate."

Rich Pilot Group Participant


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